Social Media Do's 👍🏽 and Don'ts 👎🏽

In today’s competitive market, a social media presence is important to enable you to reach a larger, more focused audience. Before you go ahead and create a Facebook or Instagram account, you need to be aware that it is just as important to know about social media etiquette. We have compiled a list of a few things to keep in mind when making your brand social.

DO post regularly.

To maintain a consistent voice for your brand, you need to post regularly. Sometimes you will post everyday, and sometimes (but rarely) you will post several times a day. This seems easy to do in the overall scheme of things, but you must ensure you only post relevant content and if you are not organised this could become time consuming and overwhelming. A great tip is to plan your social media 1-2 weeks ahead. Correlate your content and images, and create a schedule of posts. Some social platforms allow you to schedule future posts which can save you time and help you be more organised in the long term.

DO use your voice.

You are maintaining the public identity of your brand, always ensure your posts are relevant to your business. It is also just as important to engage throughout your social platforms. If you are on Facebook, for example, when you interact with a person or brand, it gets pushed into the newsfeed. Liking a post gets in the newsfeed but commenting will give it more pull. Consequently, this creates more marketing for your brand!

DON'T overcommit.

Don't overcommit to all social media platforms. Instead, pick one or two of your favourite platforms and focus solely on them. It is much better to excel at one or two social platforms rather than manage 4 or 5 very poorly. A scattered social media presence ends up looking unprofessional and gives your fans and followers a rather poor impression of your brand.

DON'T forget the big picture.

This is especially true for instagram. You are selling a story of your brand, ensure content is relevant and the brand identity and palette looks appealing in every post and that your overall instagram feed all ties in together. What would your feed look like to someone who has just landed on your page for the first time? Does it contain scattered content and images or is it aesthetically pleasing with relevant content? It is also important to ensure that the visual style of your brand and theme is matched across all social platforms.

Have you had success working with social media for your business?

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