8 Secret Tips You Didn't Know Your Smart Phone Can Do

They are called “smartphones” for a reason, and most of us are not even aware of how smart they truly are. Even though we spend significant portions of our time playing, browsing or communicating with our mobile phones, there’s still so much we can learn about their capabilities.

Our lives today are much easier and more convenient thanks to many smartphone features. What if we told you that it can get even better? We have a list of mobile tricks that most users have never heard of, and we are glad to be sharing it with you.

Knowledge is power! And as it turns out, pretty darn fun.

Secrets of the iPhone

See Accurate Message Timestamps

A known frustration among iPhone users is the inability to tell exactly when a message arrived or has been sent. Little known fact is that you can simply use your finger to swipe the message screen from right to left, and the timestamp will show up on the right. Mystery solved.

Activate Display Zoom

No need to squint and suffer with small screen resolutions. You can make the entire display of your iPhone larger and more convenient by going to Settings > Display & Brightness > Display Zoom, and choosing your preferred viewing option.

Reply to Messages without Unlocking

It’s kind of a hassle to unlock the phone every time you want to respond to an incoming message, right? Well, good thing you don’t have to! When you’re in the locked screen mode and you see the message displayed, swipe to the left with our finger and you’ll see a Reply option popping up on the right. Voila.

Lock Camera Focus and Exposure

Many iPhone users are already familiar with the ability to change focus and exposure by tapping on various parts of the screen in the camera app. Not too many know, though, that by holding your fingers on the screen you can actually set the focus and exposure to lock. All you have to do is to keep your fingers on the screen until you see the “AE/AF LOCK” confirmation.

Secrets of the Android

Display Owner Info on Locked Screen

If you lose your precious Android phone and a good samaritan finds it in locked mode, how would they be able to contact you? This is why the Owner Info feature is so valuable. It allows you to add any message to the locked screen to protect your device.

To edit this message, go to Settings > Security > Owner info, and from there tap on the “show owner info on lock screen” checkbox. Then simply enter your info and save.

Control Your Data Usage

To avoid pricey charges, you can limit your own data usage on your device and make sure you stay within your boundaries.

Go to Settings > Data Usage and choose “Set Mobile Data Limit.” You will then see two lines – one that marks the data limit and the another one that sets when you will get a warning signal for moving closer to the limit. Both of the lines can be moved up or down to adjust the exact amount of data you want to use, as well as the point when you will receive a red flag warning.

Get Voicemail to text transcriptions with Google Voice

Let’s be honest – some people’s voicemail messages are simply intolerable. Instead of getting right to the point, they make you wait for what seems like forever to get to point of why they called you in the first place. But now that you discovered Google Voice, you won’t have to hear that ever again.

After you install the Google Voice app and get a number, you can operate this feature just like a normal phone, only much better. One of the significant advantages to Google Voice is that it sends you text notifications about voicemail messages that include a fairly accurate transcript of the message that was left. No more time spent trying to decipher your parents’ messages!

Unlock Android Phones with Your Face

Customized mobile identification just keeps getting better and better. The latest development is the introduction of face recognition abilities that use the camera feature to scan your face and unlock the screen.

To active this, go to Settings > Security > Screen Lock, and choose either Pattern, Pin or Password to set up. Once you’ve completed this set up, go back to Security and choose the Smart Lock option. You will be asked to enter the pin, pattern or password that you just now set up (or have set up in the past).

Once you’re in the Smart Lock option, choose Trusted Face, go over the manual and continue to the set up. Follow the instructions on the screen to get a good snap of your face. Hold still while the camera is getting your photo and choose Next when you’re done. From now on, your face will be your access to your mobile device.

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