5 Tips for Launching A Business On A Tight Budget

You’ve thought long and hard about the perfect idea for your business venture and now it’s time to dive in and make your dream a reality. Except for one minor problem; you’re sort of on a super limited budget these days.

Fear not! Your dreams will not be shrunken to the size of your wallet because we’ve got five tips on how to launch a business on a tight budget. From creating a website for your biz to developing a killer marketing plan, we’ve covered all the bases you need to get your name out there without breaking the bank.

Build a Stunning Website

First things first, if you want to launch your business and have people know about it, you need a [killer] website. Fortunately, White Arrow Digital build websites that are customisable and allows us to get creative without stressing about your financial sitch. Whether you’ve got a vintage shop, a restaurant, or are running a tiny bed and breakfast out of your house, we can build you a beautiful website.

Simplify Your Invoicing Process

Invoicing and receiving payments from your customers can be a time-consuming and intimidating task, but it’s the only way to rake in the big bucks. With Wix Invoices, you can now start getting paid online! Completely synced with your contacts, in a just few clicks you can create and send professional invoices and organise your billing in tidy one place. This will free you up to focus on what really matters – your business. You can also customise your invoice with your business’s logo and add any notes or legal terms you may need to include. Once you’re done you can easily monitor all of your invoices and track any outstanding payments due.

Communicate With Your Customers

Situation: you’re a one man show right now and you’re churning out ideas at a mile a minute. During this time, it’s crucial that you start to automate processes wherever you can in order to free up time to focus on bigger things. Sending an email to your website visitors to thank them for dropping by or for making a purchase is just one way to communicate with your visitors at no cost. Instead of purchasing a complex email marketing tool, Wix Smart Actions allows you to set up automatic messages for your users after they complete an action within your site. Not only will your customers feel personally connected to you, you’ll also look like you’ve got quite the army behind you to keep you up and running!

Work from Home or a Communal Work Space

It’s no secret that office space is expensive. In the early stages of getting your business up and running, you’re better off working from home to save some money. Consider setting up a small office in your home and grow from there. If you can take it one step further, look into shared work spaces in your area. This will allow you to start networking with other small businesses and exchange tips and tricks you’ve picked up along the way.

Develop a Marketing Strategy

When you’re first starting out, you likely won’t have the resources to create an extensive marketing strategy. Still, getting your business’s name out there is essential to your success. As a new business, you’ll want to capitalise on grand opening sales and perks for new customers. Take time to develop a timeline of where you want your marketing efforts to go. Start small by reaching out to friends and family, local newspapers and community bulletin boards.

Make a splash in the online world with a social media presence. Set up a Facebook page and a Twitter account for your business so customers can find you. And while you’re it, connect your social channels to that stunning website of yours using theSocial Media Icons application, straight from the Wix App Market.

Ready to roll? Hit the ground running and contact us now to get started on your new business website! Via Wix

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