20 Marketing Buzzwords you need to know!

How many of these do you already know?


It may seem like people are just writing a sentence in a new and strange way but those hashtags (#) actually allow you to follow a streamlined conversation amidst the chatter. On Twitter and Instagram in particular, you can search via a # to engage in a specific conversation. Most companies have their own hashtag for general use and create additional hashtags for special promotions and events. Keep people talking about you by creating a hashtag unique to your business. #itsthateasy

Social Influencer

Sorry for the potentially nostalgic or even traumatic reference but yes, we’re talking about the most popular kid in school. And by school we mean on social media. An influencer is a person or brand with many fans/followers who enthusiastically share and engage with the influencer’s content. Getting your content shared by a social influencer can turn you into an overnight sensation. See what happened to Nina Mufleh, when Queen Nur of Jordan publicly endorsed her Wix-powered website on Twitter.


Promoted content (as opposed to “organic content”) is content that a brand or an individual pay for in order to expand its viewer reach. Common forms of promoted content are Facebook ads, Twitter ads and more recently, Instagram and Pinterest ads.


An umbrella term that refers to all the blogs on the internet. It’s as if they have their own shared planet called the Blogosphere which keeps them connected. “Word on the blogosphere is that Apple is getting ready to unveil iPhone 6s.”


Another new planet where everyone using Twitter exists. “Goodnight Twitterverse. See ya’ll tomorrow”.

Going Viral

Going viral refers to a marketing campaign that has spread like a virus, in a good way. Like this Wix video that spread like wild fire in Germany.


Video +Blogging. Even Barbie started vlogging recently.

Second screen

Ever watched TV while texting your friend about the show? How about while reading the twitter conversation? Or checking what friends have to say on Facebook? If so, you’re in the majority. A second screen is exactly what it sounds like, and many advertisers leverage this to create transmedia campaigns that engage people on two screens simultaneously.


You may know the marketing terms B2B (business to business) or B2C (business to consumer). H2H refers to the newest way of considering your current and future customers: human to human. The term’s creation is another sign of the way in which marketing has become even more individualized and the communication style more intimate. For example, you can create marketing campaigns that focus more on the human experience and position your company as a friend, rather than a business.

Conversation Marketing

Just as it may sound, this is marketing with the explicit goal of communicating directly with the consumer and igniting a conversation. Essentially we are talking about thehow-to of H2H marketing. For example: Create a Facebook post where you ask fans a question or take a poll on Google +.

User-Generated Content

You guessed it, instead of developing new content yourself, you can use content created by your users. This could be a guest blog post, a personal video, photos from customers who have visited your business and so much more. It’s not about being lazy, the opposite, it’s about seeking out your users and showcasing how wonderful they are!


Freemium is a business model where a company gives away a core product for free and charges only for additional, premium features (think Skype, Dropbox, LinkedIn and Wix). The freemium business model is not exclusive to internet-based businesses: Think of a company like Gilette for example that gives away the razor and charges for the blades. One of the main benefits of this model is that offering a great product for free can build a big community of satisfied consumers around it.

Brand Storytelling

Our favorite part of elementary school was story time. For many of us, that hasn’t changed. People like stories. For a company, a new and compelling way of branding is through storytelling. This can start with the story of how your company was created and who the staff is to stories of your customers and the evolution of your product. The way to win brand storytelling is by focusing on the emotional connection that will hook an audience. Inspire us!

Snackable content

Nowadays it is essential, especially on social media, to create short, easy to consume and attention grabbing content that will get noticed. Snackable content can mean anything from a tip, to an inspirational quote to a gif. The point is to keep the content bite-size, entertaining or valuable.


8-O :roll: :idea: ;-) :lol:

Emoji, a term dating back to the 1990’s, comes from the Japanese words for picture (e) and character (moji).

Chevy nailed it, and so can you.


Thanks to many of the rich and famous, not to mention teenagers with smartphones, a “selfie” is an actual word. This refers to an image of yourself taken by yourself. In our humble opinion we’d avoid selfies for marketing purposes but sometimes you just can’t resist. That said, asking your users to share a selfie using your product is often a fun and engaging way to get people involved.

Gifs and Memes

Gifs (Graphics Interchange Format) are short looping videos and memes are basically the often hilarious images that millions of people copy and share on the internet.Grumpy Cat is a good example of a meme that broke the internet in recent years. Where did they all come from? How did they get so popular? We’re just not sure. That said, the kids are lovin’ em.


Popularized by the 2010 documentary about a guy who was tricked online into a relationship with a made-up woman, catfishing is now the known term for when you’re duped into believing something or someone online that is not real.


We are not referring to that cute little toy from the 90’s, those are awesome! We are referring to the people who somehow pop up all over the internet, out of what feels like nowhere, and simply antagonize you. For example, you tweet a 25% off coupon code and someone who may or may not use your service tweets back that they hate you, your company, your family or your deodorant. Cool troll, very cool.


Check out this Infographic About…. well infographics!

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